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Quiet Whole House Fans Slash Your A/C Costs Up To 50-90%

Do not wait for your first high A/C bill of the summer, get any QuietCool Whole House Fan and receive up to 50-90% savings. By running your A/C less and your energy-efficient Whole House Fan more, you get to spend far less on your energy bill every month.


Whether you like to do-it-yourself, get as much savings as possible, or experience a blast of cooling power, we have the exact product suited to your needs. Find out which one is just for you!


A smarter way to cool your home at reduced cost. You can protect your home’s health by reducing the risk of mold and mildew build-up in your attic all while keeping your home cool and your A/C bill low.


Ideal for any home gym, workshop office, man cave, or any other way you may use your garage space! These special fans help push out heat, harmful gases, smoke, stale air, and more so you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable space.


Whether you want to turn your fan on at the flip of a switch, from anywhere in your home, set your preferred presets, allow air to travel throughout your home with the door closed or more we have all types of accessories that make your QuietCool experience suited to you!

Now Available

Smart Attic Fans

Our Smart Attic Fan Series offers your home a healthier attic, a cooler place to live, and a reduced A/C bill. Using our Smart Control App you can set presets, turn on and off whenever you need, and see the exact temperature and humidity of your attic space.


Roof Mount Whole House Fans

The Roof Mount Whole House Fan Series is our newest and most exciting line of whole house fans. With multiple applications, you can now experience all the benefits of our revolutionary whole house fan with little to no attic space.


Solar Attic Fans

QuietCool Solar Attic fans are the obvious next step in our constant mission for eco-friendly home cooling. These supremely-efficient fans utilize the sun for power so you can use even less energy than with a traditional attic fan. These fans also possess the ability to cool 24 hours of the day due to their innovative inverter.



The Solar Attic Gable Fan is the most energy-efficient attic fan in the QuietCool line-up. This fan utilizes solar power to keep your home cool and safe throughout the day. These fans also possess the ability to cool 24 hours of the day due to their innovative inverter.

Energy Efficiency

We ensure that our products use the most energy-efficient and revolutionary motors possible so we can save you money and together we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Safer Air, Safer Home

Safe, breathable air is important in every home and yet it is often forgotten. QuietCool products offer clean and safe air.


Save up to 50-90% on A/C related costs so you can get a return on your investment in as little as 1-2 years.

Constant Comfort

Comfort is essential for every home and our products offer it with a constant and clean current of fresh air.

Are you ready to start saving?

Contact a local dealer near you and find out how you can save up to 50-90% on your next A/C bill right now!

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