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About Us


The QuietCool story is the quintessential American success story, actually invented in a garage!

Today, QuietCool is manufactured and assembled in our 50,000 square foot plant in beautiful Temecula, California. The entire QuietCool team is committed to building the quietest and most energy efficient whole house fans on the market today. We think you’ll agree we’re achieving this goal while we continue pursuing the American dream of innovation in the modern “green energy” industry.


traditional whole house fan
One day, back in about 1999, our founder and inventor — an electrical contractor by trade — was installing a traditional whole house fan into a customer’s home when the customer exclaimed, “I wish someone would invent a quiet whole house fan!”
first quietcool qc-1500 product
And just like every great American invention that begins in a garage, our founder tinkered and tweaked his prototype QuietCool fan until he had a workable, saleable product. The first QC‑1500 came to market in 2003, and the rest is history.
quietcool patent #7497774 whole house fan system
In March 2009, QC Manufacturing, Inc. was awarded U.S Patent #7497774 for the QuietCool whole house fan system and we’ve never looked back.
quietcool first energy saver line
QuietCool introduced the Energy Saver line of QuietCool fans. These fans revolutionized the industry with ultra-high efficiency motors never seen before in the whole house fan industry. These motors helped shape our current line of ECM motor fans.
quietcool 50,000 square foot warehouse
QC Manufacturing, Inc. moved into a new 50,000 square foot building in Temecula, CA.
quietcool trident pro
QuietCool unveils a new Pro Series of fans when launching wholesale distribution to our national network of dealers and contractors.
quietcool pro series 6.5 models
QuietCool expands the Pro Series of fans with new 6.5 models to allow a greater range of CFM airflow.
quietcool wifi smart control
QuietCool adds a Wi-Fi Smart Control to the line of accessories to control any QuietCool fan from a smartphone or tablet.
quietcool smart attic fan
QuietCool introduces the new Smart Attic Gable fan with a variable 10-speed ECM motor with built-in thermostat and humidistat.
quietcool stealth 5.5
QuietCool introduces new 5.5 and 5400 model QuietCool whole house fans to bridge the gap between the 4.8/4700 and 6.5/6400 models.
More to come!