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We have simple yet important core values that have influenced every decision we have made throughout our extensive history. Our belief in integrity, diligence, and innovation has allowed us to pursue our vision of eco-friendly whole-home cooling throughout the country. We hold nothing in higher regard than improving lives through saving energy, money, and comfort. This is why QuietCool is not just our company but our mission to deliver comfort without sacrificing the environment or your hard-earned money.


Integrity is our first core value because our morals and ethics are incredibly important to us. We believe integrity is the key to having quality relationships.

Diligence is embedded in all of our employees. Diligence is the act of putting in the right amount of time, in the right way, for the right purpose, with the right standards. This produces the right result, every single time.

Innovation is a standard that is set in our company. Our company was founded on innovation and we vowed long ago to never stop innovating. We believe in innovative people, systems, products, and services to achieve the best possible result. Our promise to innovate has allowed us to create the most eco-friendly home product in the world.

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Humble Beginnings


One day in 1999, our founder and inventor — an electrical contractor by trade — was installing a traditional whole house fan into a customer’s home when the customer exclaimed, “I wish someone would invent a quiet whole house fan!”

where it all began


Just like every great American invention that begins in a garage, our founder tinkered and tweaked his prototype QuietCool Whole House Fan until he had a workable, sellable product. The QC‑1500 became the first QuietCool Whole House Fan to come to the market in 2004.
(1 employee)

first patent


March 2009, QC Manufacturing, Inc. was awarded U.S Patent #7497774 for the QuietCool Whole House Fan System. Company moves into a 5,000 SQFT building as demand for our patented Whole House Fans grew.
(3 Employees)

Vertical Adapter


Our Vertical Adapter was created so that those without a traditional attic space, those with a side attic, could experience all of the benefits of our extraordinary Whole House Fans.
(10 Employees)

Energy Saver


Completed moving into a 17,000 SQFT Building because our employee numbers continued to climb. QuietCool introduced the Energy Saver line of QuietCool fans. These fans revolutionized the industry with ultra-energy-efficient motors never before seen in the whole house fan industry. These motors helped shape our current line of Ultra-Energy Efficient Electronically Commutated fans.
(15 Employees)

first ECM attic fan afg es 1500


The first ECM Attic Fan was created as the AFG ES 1500 Attic Fan was born. This Attic Fan was created due to the poor quality of most attic fan motors and the ultra-high quality of the ECM.
(20 Employees)



QC Manufacturing, Inc. moved into a new 50,000 square foot facility in Temecula, CA where we would call home for several years.
(25 Employees)

the pro line


QuietCool unveils a new Pro Series of fans called the Trident Pro X and the Stealth Pro X. These fans became instantly available to our national network of dealers and contractors.
(35 Employees)

inc. 5000 and continued growth


Inc. 5000 – 31st fastest manufacturing (269 fastest company state) 250% growth 1,630 in the nation. Starting in 2015 we started manufacturing all of our products in house including the housing, ducts, cylinders, and all other major components. We are proud to manufacture our products right here in the USA! QuietCool expands the Pro Series of fans with new 6.5 models that push a greater range of CFM airflow.
(50 Employees)

Garage Fan


Our Garage Attic Fan was created in 2016. Made for any garage gym, workshop, man cave, office, or anything else you use the garage space for these fans to sweep fresh air in and pull out polluted, hot air. Inc 5000 – 30th (270 fastest) 217% 1,716
(60 Employees)

Smart Attic Fan and 5400 / 5.5 WFH models


QuietCool introduces the new Smart Attic Gable Fan with a variable 10-speed ECM and a built-in thermostat and humidistat. QuietCool introduces new 5.5 and 5400 QuietCool Whole House Fan Models Inc 5000 – 32 (325) 167% 2,182
(70 Employees)

New Larger Fan Models


QuietCool creates the 6.0 and 7.0 Whole House Fans to replace the previously used “Double Motor Heads” and to cooler larger homes. Inc 5000 – 50 (377) 198% 2,225
(90 Employees)

New Headquarters


In 2019, we were proud to move into our brand new 162,000 SQFT building right here in beautiful Temecula, California. RF Control Kit and ZAP introduced. Inc 5000 – 52 (318) 194% 2,081
(125 Employees)

more new products


First automated Robot Manufacturer installed in warehouse. Roof Mount Whole House Fan introduced for flat roof homes. Solar Attic Fans with AC/DC inverters introduced. Smart Attic Fan line revamped with Smart Control App to allow you to set presets, turn your attic fan on and off whenever you want, and see the attic temperature and humidity at any moment.