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AFG SLR-40 Solar Gable Attic Fan



How To Install: QuietCool Attic Fan

Q: Can a solar attic fan be placed on any kind of roof?
A: QuietCool Solar Attic Fans may be put on almost any roof, whether it’s a home or a business. Roof mounted models are available for both pitched and flat roofs. On all roof slopes, the solar panel may be oriented to capture the maximum sunlight while offering ideal venting efficiency. A curb placed device as well as a gable positioned unit are offered. All roofing materials, including composite shingles, wood shake, tile, and clay tile, are compatible with our models. An extra flashing skirt is required for certain tile roof constructions.

Q: Is it possible for me to install a solar attic fan myself? Is it hard to set up?
A: In approximately an hour or less, a homeowner may simply install our solar attic fans. Basic do-it-yourself skills, including the use of a reciprocating saw, are required for installation. The solar attic fan is ready to use straight out of the box, with no wiring or structural modifications required. Each kit includes step-by-step detailed instructions. Learn more about how to install a solar attic fan.

Q: Can I install a solar attic fan on a shady roof?
A: Yes, QuietCool offers a 24/7 ac/dc inverter for our solar attic fan that allows you to install the fan assembly on a shady portion of the roof.

Q: Can a solar attic fan be installed on a shed or garage?
A: Yes, the QuietCool Solar Attic Fan may be put on any roofed building, including sheds, barns, lofts, garages, workshops, guest houses, and any other area that might benefit from air circulation. QuietCool also has garage-specific items available.