September 10, 2018

How Does an Attic Fan Work?

Attics can get hot, abnormally and unbearably hot. Most don’t mind much as many don’t spend a lot of time in their attic space. If that area gets hot, no one cares. That heat cannot be tangibly felt and why would anyone spend money to cool down something that you can not even feel being cooled?

The reason is simple. Spending a lot of money on air conditioning means cooling the same space over and over again. The area that air conditioners miss is the attic. Because of this, the attic stays hot while the home just gets cool. The attic is then working directly against the air conditioning and slowly reheating the home.

Imagine having an oven on 24/7 upstairs. This would, of course, heat the entire house as hot air fills any space that is available. The space that it has is the entirety of the home. This is why hot attics can be such an expensive afterthought. Although no one is in the attic, the attics heat comes to the homeowner.

This is why attic fans can be so helpful to the cooling of a home and prove to be more of a necessity than a luxury.

How the attic fans help alleviate this problem is by taking all of the air in an attic and throwing it back outside. These cooling systems are attached to gable or dormer vents and plugged into an outlet. QuietCool power cords are 20 feet long so even if the vent is nowhere near a plug-in, the plug should still be able to reach the one that is closest.

QuietCool attic fans also have a revolutionary built-in thermostat that automatically kicks on when the attic reaches over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These fans have different speeds so when it reaches 80, the fan turns on its lowest speed. This consumes a minute amount of energy and so even though an attic fan will run constantly, it will hardly increase an electric bill.

Attic fans work largely the same way a whole house fan does. These powerful fans simply do not have ducting or need a window to be open to work. They are attached to a gable or dormer vent as previously mentioned and they suck in all of the hot air inside of the attic and push it out to the world.

These fans are not common knowledge or seen as required for a home but they should be required in every home on a budget. They work with your air conditioning, instead of against it, attics currently do.



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