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Save 50-90% Off Your Ac Bill With The Energy Saver


Our Energy Saver Series is the efficient Whole House Fan that revolutionized low cost cooling across the country. With our updated design, patented technology, and reliable production, you can utilize an ultra-energy efficient motor to keep your home cool and your money saved.
Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
64.5 watts to 727 watts depending on the model
1,434 CFM to 6,878 CFM depending on the model

Hand Guard:

Guard that protects from potential injury or fan obstruction.

Computer Balanced Fan Blades:

High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Ultra Energy-Efficient ECM Motor:

The brush-free Electronically Commutated Motor is the world’s most efficient motor which increases up to 70% efficiency in lower speeds.

Adjustable Hanging Strap:

Keyhole straps that allow you to adjust up or down without removing the screw so the fan can be hung in nearly every attic space.

Heavy Duty Steel Housing:

Powder-coated steel housing that protects the fan from wear and tear.

Duct Collar:

The adjustable collar that helps seal and secure the Heavy Duty Steel Housing and the Airtight Damper Box with no air leakage.

High-Performance Acoustical Ducting:

Noise dampening technology with insulated ducting that is used to separate the Steel Housing from the living space.

Duct Clasp:

Duct clasp that helps secure the ducting to the Airtight Damper Box and Steel Housing without screws or tape.

R5 Damper Doors:

Barometric pressurized damper doors that utilize gravity to secure the Airtight Damper Box.

Airtight Damper Box:

Damper Box with R5 insulated doors that prevent any heat transfer from the attic to the living area.

High Airflow Grille:

The removable grille that can snap in or out for easy cleaning.


These whisper-quiet and energy-efficient wonders are the #1 residential cooling & ventilation appliance on the market



Solar + Inverter = 24/7 Cooling

Each QuietCool Solar Attic Fan comes with an AC/DC Inverter that allows your Solar Attic Fan to transition from solar power to electric power as soon as the sun goes down. This innovative solution to nighttime cooling allows our fans to accomplish something other solar attic fans can not; the ability to keep your attic and home cool 24/7. Using the sun during the day and the grid during the night allows the most efficient operation year around.



Ultra Energy-Efficient DC Motor

The Ultra Energy-Efficient DC motor is extremely efficient while also being extremely powerful. This motor is an industry-leader that allows for a long lifespan with no maintenance. This means you get everyday cooling at the fraction of the cost of other attic fans.

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1


Versatile Installation Options for Any Roof Type

Furthermore, the AFR SLR-40 offers exceptional versatility with its interchangeable flashing, accommodating various roof types seamlessly. The primary flashing is designed for easy installation on shingle roofs, while the optional curb flashing provides the option to curb mount the fan to a flat or low-pitch roof using the curb flashing, with no fabrication required.

Image 3 Image 3 Image 3


Works with a Variety of Different Roof Types

Experience the versatility and compatibility of the revolutionary AFR SLR-40, designed to effortlessly adapt to a wide range of roof types. Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, or maybe you have a metal, asphalt, clay or countless other materials, the AFR SLR-40 seamlessly integrates with them all. Its adaptive nature eliminates any concerns about compatibility, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of improved attic ventilation, regardless of your roof's unique characteristics. With the AFR SLR-40, the possibilities are limitless, making it the perfect choice for any roofing situation.

How QuietCool Works

Enjoy up to 50-90% savings on your A/C usage by turning off your A/C and turning on your QuietCool.

Step 1

Turn off your A/C

Step 2

Open your windows when it's cooler outside

Step 3

Turn on your QuietCool

Step 4

Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable environment.

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QuietCool should be used anytime the outside air temperature is lower than the inside temperature. This is key for the principle of Thermal Mass Cooling to work.

QC ES-1500
Small Room

QC ES-2250
Large room

QC ES-3100
Small House

QC ES-4700
Medium House

QC ES-5400
Large House

QC ES-6000
Extra Large House

QC ES-7000
XXL House

QC ES-1500
QC ES-2250
QC ES-3100
QC ES-4700
QC ES-5400
QC ES-6000
QC ES-7000


                              Enjoy up to 50-90% savings on your A/C usage by turning off your A/C and turning on your QuietCool.

                              And by lowering your A/C, you can extend the life of your HVAC system & your roof.

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                              With QuietCool, you can instantaneously feel up to 10°F cooler with a flip of a switch.

                              Gone are the days where your upstairs is hotter than your downstairs. Enjoy balanced temperature throughout your entire home!


                              Exhaust kitchen and bathroom odors in minutes with your QuietCool.

                              And it's not only odors - improve your indoor air quality by eliminating stagnant air, viruses, pollutants, VOC gases and more. 

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                              How to Use a Whole House Fan | Whole House Fans 101

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                              4 Reasons to Get A Zoned Whole House Fan System

                              ZONED (MULTI-FAN) SYSTEM

                              Allows the homeowner to have complete control over their ventilation and cooling needs with a multi-zoned system. A zoned system’s total CFM requirements are met by adding the cumulative CFM of all zoned units, not by adding the CFM of each zoned fan individually. Zoned fans can be used simultaneously to cool a large area of a residence. However, a zoned system provides for more precise airflow management in each individual bedroom.