Justin Jett

How Does an Attic Fan Work?

Attics can get hot, abnormally and unbearably hot. Most don’t mind much as many don’t spend a lot of time in their attic space. If that area gets hot, no one cares. That heat cannot be tangibly felt and why would anyone spend money to cool down something that you can not even feel being […]

What Makes Whole House Fans Worth it

Claiming to save 50-90%  is an easy number to boast about but just how does a QuietCool whole house fan save people money and are they really worth it? This is a question that has become so common but also, so easily answered. QuietCool whole house fans save money first and foremost because they are […]

Who Installs Attic Fans?

Installation is a large aspect of choosing either a whole house or attic fan. It takes up so much equity in the decision making process likely because of the cost that is attached to it. Not only are these cooling systems widely viewed as accessories instead of necessities but each additional cost is subsequently looked […]

How well do Attic Fans really work?

Quietcool Smart Attic Fan

It is incredibly difficult to understand how all cooling systems work. One or two are standard in any home but beyond that, they are mostly not thought of by the vast majority of people. This causes many to spend far too much on electricity because of their insufficient cooling units. Attic fans are particularly unknown. […]