Chris Bell

QuietCool and A/C: A Perfect Union

QuietCool makes the bold claim that whole house fans can save up to 50-90% on A/C related costs. But factually, this is actually not a claim made by QuietCool. This claim comes directly from the Department of Energy and PG&E (Pacific Gas & and Electric Company). QuietCool Whole House Fans as a Companion to A/C […]

QuietCool Computer-Balanced Fan Blade

QuietCool is very proud to be an American built product. One area that the R&D team really focused on is our fan blade. The fan blade is located inside the whole house fan motorhead that is suspended in the attic during installation. Since the fan blade is not directly seen, many people tend to overlook […]

QuietCool at PCBC 2017

Every year QuietCool attends the Pacific Coast Builder Conference or PCBC Show. This year, QuietCool was one of the major PCBC show sponsors. We had hundreds of guests stop by to say hello and share their stories about owning, selling and installing QuietCool! QuietCool Whole House Fans Dominate at the PCBC Show When we attended […]

QuietCool vs. the Harmful Indoor Air

A common belief among homeowners is the air inside their home is perfectly safe to breathe and is cleaner than the air outside. As it turns out, this is simply not true. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution may be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in major […]

QuietCool Whole House Fan Removable Grille

There are multiple benefits of going with either the Stealth Pro or the Trident Pro series. One fantastic benefit that both series include is the removable grille. Unlike the standard grille that is included with our Classic and Energy Saver series, that needs to be unscrewed whenever you go to clean the grille, the removable […]

QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control

The QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control is compatible with all QuietCool fans, new and old! This revolutionary control eliminates the need for running wires down the wall which reduces installation time. Homeowners can operate their QuietCool whole house fan right from the QuietCool app on their smartphone or tablet! Whole House Fan – QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart […]

Title 24 and Whole House Fans

Many homeowners would agree that keeping up with state building codes can be very beneficial. Building codes are always changing and improving and can help attentive homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency. However, learning about California state building codes can be a daunting and intimidating task. One area that QuietCool focuses on is the new […]

Attic Fans vs Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are often confused with attic fans. While they may share some similarities and can have an enormous effect on a home, both serve different purposes. Attic Fans Attic fans are installed either on a gable vent or through the roof. Their purpose is to ventilate and exhaust the air inside the attic […]

Industry Leading Warranty

From our patented design to our 98% customer satisfaction rate, we at QuietCool believe in achieving excellence in all aspects. One important is we handle warranty claims. Through the years we have found homeowners want peace of mind knowing the product they are buying is reliable. They also like knowing the company they are purchasing […]

QuietCool Smart Attic Fan

Coming this April, a new attic fan from QuietCool will be available. Back in 2011, QuietCool created the first high-quality attic gable fan, the AFG ES-1500. The AFG ES-1500 is the most energy efficient attic fan on the market. With a highly-efficient ECM motor and a durable construction, it became the best attic fan on […]

QuietCool #1 Measure for CLE Project of the Quarter

QuietCool whole house fans are one of the highest netting compliance measures in new construction in California. Many energy consultants install QuietCool in every applicable home. QuietCool whole house fans also help builders qualify for large CAHP (California Advanced Home Program) rebates. Shea Homes Persimmon at the Cannery California Living and Energy (CLE) rates the homes […]

Whole House Fan Health Benefits

There are many Whole House Fan Health Benefits. Many people are aware of outdoor air pollution and how it can affect their health. They pay attention to smog and smoke coming out of factories and know that is not the cleanest air to inhale. Fewer people, however, pay attention to the quality of air inside […]

Venting: Explained

One very important aspect when installing a whole house fan is the amount of venting available in the attic. We recommend having 1 square foot of net free venting, for every 750 CFM in the QuietCool system. For example, if a customer installs a QuietCool Trident Pro 4.8, they are pulling in roughly 4,740 CFM. If […]

QuietCool Damper System

One important aspect of the QuietCool whole house fan that many people are not familiar with are the barometric-pressurized gravity dampers. Damper Box Installation The QuietCool damper box is not seen by the homeowner. It is installed from inside the attic between the joists. There is no joist cutting involved with installing the damper box, as […]

QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans vs Traditional

QuietCool is becoming synonymous with the term, “whole house fan”. However, whole house fans are not a new product and have actually been around for over fifty years. Over this surprisingly long amount of time, QuietCool has made some major progressions in the technology. One may ask, what exactly are the differences between the old systems, […]

QuietCool Indoor Air Quality

There are many Uses for QuietCool whole house fan; like saving homeowners up to 50-90 percent off their A/C related costs. While this is reason enough to purchase a QuietCool whole house fan system, these astounding savings are not the only reason. There are numerous benefits that customers may be pleasantly surprised by. QuietCool Indoor Air Quality […]

The “Quiet” in QuietCool

Anyone can tell from our name, that the QuietCool whole house fan is whisper quiet, but did you know it is actually one of the quietest whole house fans on the market? QuietCool Whole House Fans – by the rating Our smaller QuietCool units are as quiet as 42 dB! With this astoundingly low noise […]

How to Cool with QuietCool

So now that you have purchased the best whole house fan on the market today, you have to know how to use it! The best time to run a QuietCool system is any time the air outside is cooler than the air inside the home. In most cases this means your system can start running […]

Acoustical Ducting – Behind the Name

One of the most recognizable features of the QuietCool whole house fan is the acoustical duct. The acoustical duct is a major component of how the word, “quiet” was first put into, QuietCool. Traditional Whole House Fans Traditional whole house fans consist of simply cutting a hole in the ceiling, and a louvered grille system is […]

Thermal Mass Cooling – Explained

Understanding thermal mass cooling is essential when studying how a QuietCool whole house fan works. A great example is something many people do already. When someone comes home from work, they enter a house that could be upwards of 80 degrees! Do they immediately turn on the air conditioner? No, because it would take too […]

Central System vs Zoned System

There are two ways to install a QuietCool whole house fan system, either centrally located, or zoned in multiple rooms. Centrally Located System A centrally located system is a single whole house fan system, installed in a central location in the home.  A single system would typically be installed in the middle of a single […]