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The QuietCool brand name has taken America by storm! As a result, we need qualified contractors and dealers to sell and install our systems across the country. To be an authorized QuietCool contractor or dealer, you must be licensed in a related trade such as HVAC, electrical, solar, roofing or general contracting. QC Manufacturing offers several levels of “Commercial Partner” relationships. “Contractors” may purchase QuietCool products through our network of wholesale distributors, at discounted contractor pricing. Authorized QuietCool “Dealers,” on the other hand, are the backbone of the QuietCool marketing and sales business model. QuietCool dealers are supported by an assigned-territory QuietCool Sales Account Executive to help them build their QuietCool business. Authorized QuietCool Dealers receive personal training, a 5-page mini-website featuring QuietCool, an Apple iPad app to help them sell QuietCool in the home, special dealer discount pricing through their local wholesaler, and much more. Becoming an Authoized QuietCool dealer begins with a consultation with a QuietCool Sales Account Executive. If you seek to add a profitable new product and service offering to your current business model, you will discover QuietCool has a solid reputation, exceptional market acceptance and tremendous growth potential for your business.
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Dealer Testimonials
Our customers appreciate QuietCool fans because they are quiet, and easy to install. Customers also like the option to “zone-cool” their homes with a fan in their master bedroom or home office. As dealers, we are glad to have an industry leader on our side who’s focused on moving Whole House Fan technology forward by making them more energy efficient, quieter, and more effective. My dealer rep and the QC team are responsive when I call with any questions and together we get the job done! Al Whitworth Island Cooling We have installed thousands of QuietCool systems throughout Southern California and have had thousands of happy customers. Many of our customers tell us that they don’t know how they ever lived without the system and have reduced their A/C usage dramatically, saving them hundreds of dollars per year. QuietCool is an excellent product. We take pride in the fact that we install so many QuietCool systems, and feel that we are making a difference by helping our customers to live healthier and greener lives. Jessica H. Large Direct Electric Company When we became a QuietCool dealer, we were a bit skeptical about the energy saving claims. But it is true. Our customers rave about QuietCool. In our climate, customers tell us they turn off their A/C, except on the hottest days of the year, and turn on their QuietCool fans. Our customers are incredibly happy and a large component of our business is now referrals from satisfied QuietCool customers. We are very pleased to be able to provide a reference to potential dealers of this fine product. Andrew Lezotte Clearview Screens Becoming a QuietCool dealer completely transformed our business. The first thing we noticed about QuietCool products is they are easy to sell. There is good brand recognition out in the market and customers want it. Second, the product manufacturing is spot-on. The fans are made well, always work, and very rarely is there a defect. As a dealer, this means I can accept work farther away than normal because the probability of a callback is very low. Third, the product presentation is excellent. Customers are always pleased with how it looks, how quiet it is, and how well it works. These three factors make QuietCool a winning product for dealers. Kevin Page 951 Construction