June 6, 2018

The Surplus of Benefits to Buying Whole House Fans

solar attic fan

Whole House Fans have one very obvious and substantial benefit, they cool the home efficiently and quickly. Quiet Cool fans even do this while being whisper quiet and solar efficient. There are more benefits than just this, however, and many people do not know about them when searching for a new cooling system.

Quiet Cool recognized this issue and created their very own benefits page in order to better inform people of the many positives that come with whole house fans. The list is long and the reasons are aplenty but the largest positive of these machines is their purging power.

This is the case because of their design. They are meant to suck the cold air out of a home and push it all the way out of the house. This happens quickly and can cool the home even more quickly but this capability is what gives them their purging strength.

They not only purge the home of hot air but all of the negative qualities that come with air sitting in your home. They purge the stale feeling one can get while being in a completely shut home for one.

They also are superb at getting dander out of the home. They are so powerful that whole house fans can pull dander out of furniture and alleviate the smells that come with dander and the allergies of those who have them.

They also are good for other allergies. The pollen and dust that sits in a closed home is actually much worse than the pollen and dust from outside. Combine that with screens on most windows and the air one would bring in their home compared to the air sitting inside is not even comparable. It is much better for allergy leaning folks to settle upon a whole house fan.

These cooling systems are also good at purging the home of foul odors. They work so fast to cool the home and push hot air out that they work just as fast at pushing foul smells out of the home. This is also incredibly helpful in a smoky home when the visibility deteriorates and someone needs to get smoke out of their house quickly.

Whole house fans have more benefits than just their purging power but if you are interested in seeing those head over to Quiet Cool’s benefits page and see what else these systems can do for your home, and life.


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