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Ventilation fans are the best way to prevent mold build up inside a home.

Think about it: what happens when a home has a flood? Typically, a water damage expert will be called in and the first thing they do is bring in ventilation fans to dry out the moisture and wetness inside the home.

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Think of a whole house fan in the same way. Whole house fans move so much air that any moisture that may come in from outside has no chance to settle. And they are great for exhausting moisture as well that builds up in the home.

Many homeowners that have a whole house fan love running them when they get out of the shower to exhaust all that steam and humidity that builds up and can cause mold. A bath fan can exhaust a small amount of this moisture, but a whole house fan can do it faster and more effectively due to the dramatic difference in airflow.

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This same principle works inside the attic as well. Since the whole house fan is pressurizing the attic and exhausting that air out of your attic vents, it helps prevent that humidity build up in the attic from your A/C plenum.

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whole house fan is one of the best ways to help prevent moisture and mold build up in the home.