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How Does an Attic Fan Work?

Attics can get hot, abnormally and unbearably hot. Most don’t mind much as many don’t spend a lot of time in their attic space. If that area gets hot, no one cares. That heat cannot be tangibly felt and why would anyone spend money to cool down something that you can not even feel being […]

What Makes Whole House Fans Worth it

Claiming to save 50-90%  is an easy number to boast about but just how does a QuietCool whole house fan save people money and are they really worth it? This is a question that has become so common but also, so easily answered. QuietCool whole house fans save money first and foremost because they are […]

The Cooling System that Dramatically Reduces Your A/C Costs

QuietCool whole house fans are the only eco-friendly, quiet, and efficient cooling systems that can drastically reduce A/C costs. One system manages to achieve all of this by being uniquely designed. Our founder created the patented ducting system that gives these whole house fans their famously quiet airflow and iconic look. The whole house fan […]

The #1 Home Improvement Product, and it’s not solar!

Whether you have solar or not, saving money off your electricity bill is always positive. According to the Department of Energy, whole house fans are the most cost-effective way to cool your home. They are so cost-effective that they can pay for themselves in under three years! QuietCool whole house fans are quickly becoming the […]

The Difference Between a Whole House Fan and a Swamp Cooler

Quietcool AFG Smart Attic Fan - 3.0

Deciding between a whole house fan and a swamp cooler can be difficult when knowing very little about the details of both cooling systems. However, when learning more, the decision between the two is actually incredibly simple. Breaking it down into categories would be the easiest way to illustrate the major and important differences that […]

QuietCool at PCBC 2017

Every year QuietCool attends the Pacific Coast Builder Conference or PCBC Show. This year, QuietCool was one of the major PCBC show sponsors. We had hundreds of guests stop by to say hello and share their stories about owning, selling and installing QuietCool! QuietCool Whole House Fans Dominate at the PCBC Show When we attended […]

QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control

The QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control is compatible with all QuietCool fans, new and old! This revolutionary control eliminates the need for running wires down the wall which reduces installation time. Homeowners can operate their QuietCool whole house fan right from the QuietCool app on their smartphone or tablet! Whole House Fan – QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart […]

QuietCool Smart Attic Fan

Coming this April, a new attic fan from QuietCool will be available. Back in 2011, QuietCool created the first high-quality attic gable fan, the AFG ES-1500. The AFG ES-1500 is the most energy efficient attic fan on the market. With a highly-efficient ECM motor and a durable construction, it became the best attic fan on […]

QuietCool Dealer Wows SMUD Home Energy Expo in Sacramento!

McDonald Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a new QuietCool dealer for 2013, wowed guests at the June 1-2 weekend, “Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Home Energy Expo.” McDonalds has been a premier plumbing and HVAC leader in Sacramento since 1957, so when Owner and President Vince McDonald pays QuietCool a compliment, we are humbly honored. In […]

QuietCool at the 2013 PCBC Show

Last year, QuietCool wowed San Francisco at the PCBC show with our revolutionary whole house fan system. If you recall, QuietCool won the Parade of Products award, a prestigious award only given to the best products at the show. This year, PCBC is out in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center. Come […]