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Press Releases

Keep Your Home Healthy All Winter Long

Winter season means sick season in more ways than the obvious. Clearly, harmful pathogens and germs populate a home like unwelcome pests but there are other harmful toxins that can infect a home. Luckily, QuietCool whole house fans help fend off most airborne pollutants and improve the health of any home they are in.   […]

The #1 Home Improvement Product, and it’s not solar!

Whether you have solar or not, saving money off your electricity bill is always positive. According to the Department of Energy, whole house fans are the most cost-effective way to cool your home. They are so cost-effective that they can pay for themselves in under three years! QuietCool whole house fans are quickly becoming the […]

QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control

The QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control is compatible with all QuietCool fans, new and old! This revolutionary control eliminates the need for running wires down the wall which reduces installation time. Homeowners can operate their QuietCool whole house fan right from the QuietCool app on their smartphone or tablet! Whole House Fan – QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart […]

California Energy Commission announcement is great news for consumers and QuietCool alike!

Better Windows, Whole House Fans, Solar-Ready Roofs Considered SACRAMENTO – In a move to reduce energy costs, save consumers money, and increase comfort, the California Energy Commission today unanimously approved energy efficiency standards for new homes and commercial buildings. Read the full release here. We at QC Manufacturing have for years expounded the great energy […]

QuietCool at the 2012 PCBC Show

Meet the QuietCool Team at the 2012 Pacific Coast Builders Conference Show in San Francisco June 27 and 28! Since 1959, the PCBC has been an annual gathering of America’s most prominent residential builders, developers, architects, building scientists, lenders, investors, marketers and product manufacturers. The Pacific coast has long been one of the great hubs […]