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Tips & Tricks

Industry Leading Warranty

From our patented design to our 98% customer satisfaction rate, we at QuietCool believe in achieving excellence in all aspects. One important is we handle warranty claims. Through the years we have found homeowners want peace of mind knowing the product they are buying is reliable. They also like knowing the company they are purchasing […]

Whole House Fan Health Benefits

There are many Whole House Fan Health Benefits. Many people are aware of outdoor air pollution and how it can affect their health. They pay attention to smog and smoke coming out of factories and know that is not the cleanest air to inhale. Fewer people, however, pay attention to the quality of air inside […]

Venting: Explained

One very important aspect when installing a whole house fan is the amount of venting available in the attic. We recommend having 1 square foot of net free venting, for every 750 CFM in the QuietCool system. For example, if a customer installs a QuietCool Trident Pro 4.8, they are pulling in roughly 4,740 CFM. If […]

QuietCool Indoor Air Quality

There are many Uses for QuietCool whole house fan; like saving homeowners up to 50-90 percent off their A/C related costs. While this is reason enough to purchase a QuietCool whole house fan system, these astounding savings are not the only reason. There are numerous benefits that customers may be pleasantly surprised by. QuietCool Indoor Air Quality […]

How to Cool with QuietCool

So now that you have purchased the best whole house fan on the market today, you have to know how to use it! The best time to run a QuietCool system is any time the air outside is cooler than the air inside the home. In most cases this means your system can start running […]

Central System vs Zoned System

There are two ways to install a QuietCool whole house fan system, either centrally located, or zoned in multiple rooms. Centrally Located System A centrally located system is a single whole house fan system, installed in a central location in the home.  A single system would typically be installed in the middle of a single […]