Core Values

Our core values are embedded in all of the products we manufacture. We believe that our products set the standard upon which the industry is built. Because of our consistent performance above and beyond what the industry standards were a decade ago, our products are setting the bar that all other manufacturers are trying to achieve. We are continually pressing to improve our designs, efficiency, and processes to remain at the top of the fresh air ventilation marketplace. We stand behind everything that we do and we are constantly pushing the envelope of innovation in the whole house fan industry.



Integrity is our first core value because integrity is the key to how our company operates. Our moral and our ethics are at the core of our company. We believe having integrity is the key to having quality relationships and products.



Diligence is embedded in all of our employees. Diligence is the act of putting in the right amount of time, in the right way, for the right purpose, with the right standard. This produces the right result.



Innovation is a standard that is set in our company. Our company was founded on innovation and we will never stop innovating. We believe in innovative people, systems, products and services to achieve the most innovative results.

Improving lives through saving energy and money, while enjoying better health and more comfort is why we believe every home should have QuietCool. Through integrity, diligence, and innovation, our team is dedicated to making people happy and experiencing the joy of QuietCool.