May 29, 2019

R5 Value Damper Doors that Have Unquantifiable Value

“R5 Value”. Unless you are a contractor, you likely won’t know what this means. So, when we say our R5 Damper Doors contain this value, you are not yet sure just how much of an asset it is to you and our whole house fans.


It would first be best to describe what exactly R-Value is. It is a measure of how well a barrier resists the flow of heat. Essentially, it is a value of how well something is at stopping heat from entering a home when it refers to construction. Walls, windows, insulation, and more all have a certain amount of R-Value that keeps your home from being negatively affected by the outside temperature.


Since our whole house fans require a minimum 14″ x 14″ cutout up to a 14″ x 36″ cutout in your ceiling or wall, our damper box needs to contain doors that seal off at a high enough value so you are not constantly introducing any hot or cold air from the attic back into the home.


Luckily, we went the extra mile so that you never have to worry about it. In most of the United States, the R-Value that is suggested is less than 5, except for areas that have a very cold climate in the winter. As previously mentioned, our Damper Doors contain an R5 value which is great for almost anywhere in the country all year around. If you require a greater R-Value than R5, you can use our Winterized Insert which contains a ludicrously effective R40 R-Value to seal off the grille during the cold months of the year.


Either way, our Airtight Damper Box saves your home from unpleasant temperatures and seal your home just as tight as it should be.


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