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An attic fan’s ability to cool down the attic by up to 50 degrees and maintain your attic temperature within 10 degrees of the outside temperature at all times, is something that the A/C can’t and will equate to a home that is cooler and an A/C unit that gets far less work than it usually does, which could save you thousands of dollars on future repairs further down the road.

Other A/C related anguish includes homeowners being frustrated by the apparent delay period for their A/C system. For the first few minutes, homeowners can hear their A/C system running but the home does not feel any cooler. The reason for this is the duct work for the air conditioner is surrounded by extreme attic temperatures.

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These temperatures obviously heat up the duct work so when the system is first turned on, it begins at a deficit. The duct work must first cool down before homeowners feel any noticeable difference in the living space. This is where the attic fan comes in! As we said before, attic fan’s greatly reduce the temperature in the attic which means your duct work will also stay cooler! This translates to your HVAC system reaching the set temperature much quicker, allowing it to run more efficiently, thus creating a more comfortable living environment, all while extending the life of your most expensive home appliance!