June 15, 2018

A Complete Explanation of How Whole House Fans Work

quietcool in the attic

Whole house fans are a completely revolutionary way to cool a home. They are not only effective but they are uniquely efficient.

Other types of cooling systems such as fans, air conditioners, and more use a lot of electricity and take a long time to accurately cool an area. This is because how they work is not efficient. They are quite effective but their design does not allow them to be as efficient as a whole house fan which can cool a home in as little as 10 minutes.

They are able to do this because of how incredibly they are designed. Whole house fans such as the ones that Quiet Cool sells are produced for a single purpose, to rapidly take the hot and stale air out of the home in order to bring fresh new air inside.

Using these fans is simple, you just have to open a few windows in your home, turn on the system, and then wait briefly for the cool air from outside to rush in. They are able to accomplish this because of their powerful fan.

Whole house fans do not push air rather they pull air. They pull a massive amount of air with their quiet spinning blades that pull the hot air right out of the home. Advanced whole house fans use ECM (Electronically Commutated Motors) or PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors. They can be up to 2-5 times more efficient than a traditional whole house fan.

These fans are attached to a long tube that channels and collects all of the air and instead of letting it escape into the attic, it is pushed completely out of the house. Most cooling units forget this important part of the home which is why many homes do not stay cool for very long. Whole house fans cool the living spaces and the attic which allows the entire home to inhale a fresh breath of air.

The fresh air that rushes in is due to the time of day that these systems need to be used. It is better to use a whole house fan during the cooler parts of the day and especially at night. Then, in the morning, shutting all of the windows until it gets cool again usually allows the home to remain cool throughout the hottest points of the day.

Whole house fans are effective because of their fans, efficient because of their beautifully designed system to push hot air out, and smart because they utilize the cool air that already is present outside.


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