April 4, 2014

What feeds the ideas of inventors and manufacturers?

The needs of the many, typically inspires creative thinking. Sometimes common sense thinking and experience are needed to perfect the original idea.

Here’s an example; a semi truck carrying a tall load got stuck under a bridge and for hours city engineers and local authorities’ tried to troubleshoot the problem with no success. The trailer was wedged under the bridge too tightly and the tow trucks are not able to pull it out. A young boy watching suggests letting the air out of the tires. Problem solved.

The idea of a whole house fan has been around for decades but was never very successful, stuck under a bridge, not accepted by the market. After listening to feedback from customers that had installed some of the original whole house fans and uninstalled them, a highly experienced electrician got creative.

Noise was a big factor for uninstalling the original whole house fans. Looking at the construction and combining materials proven to withstand attic heat a new whole house fan was introduced to the market. A product, this is now capable of withstanding the test of time in the hands of consumers.

Air conditioning systems are here to stay, they serve a valuable purpose but they are not the best product for every situation and they are definitely not the most cost effective product either. Air conditioning systems work when the both the outside air is hot and inside air is uncomfortable. They provide a solution to keep our home and work environments livable.

With the cost of utilities continually rising most of us chose not to cool and empty home. Therefore, we arrive home from work to find the inside temperature unbearable. Opening windows and leaving doors open works well to begin cooling off but the reality is that we will end up turning on the air conditioner.

Radiating heat lasts for hours after the sun has gone down. If you can create cool air to cool an environment why not simply pull already cooled “free” air through that same environment. Instead of opening many windows just open a couple at the furthest point from your whole house fan ceiling grill. Turn your system on and feel the air drawn into the house through those slightly opened windows.

The first stage of cooling off is the breeze on your skin, the net effect of the breeze is a ten degree cooling factor. The second stage is the hot inside air being drawn into the attic and replace with the cool outside air. The third stage is the extremely hot attic air being pushed outside. This circulation process within minutes has replaced the hot air with cool air and the air flow begins cooling hot surfaces both inside the house and in the attic. As those surfaces are cooled the radiating heat of the day is eliminated.

Sounds like a simple process, and it is. Perfecting the product to deliver the results took years of product development and customer feedback. Remember, the tractor trailer? Without air in the tires the tow truck was successful in pulling it out from under the bridge. But the bridge and the truck still needed to be repaired. Many years ago the whole house fan idea was launched, but only in the recent decade was the idea perfected and accepted.

Your needs are being met by a product whose cost is able to be more than replaced by utility bill savings in the future. Your electric bill savings from whole house fans will blow you away.


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