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TRIDENT 247219423

Free Whole House Fans Available for Eligible Southern California Edison Customers

This program is expired as of 8/1/2023

TRIDENT 247219423

Are you tired of sweltering summer days and relying on your air conditioning to keep cool? Well, Southern California Edison (SCE) has a refreshing solution for you! Introducing the Summer Reliability Program, an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and indoor comfort for homeowners across the region. As part of this program, SCE is generously offering free whole-house fans to eligible participants. So, if you don’t have a solar system, aren’t moving within the next 12 months, and haven’t participated in a utility program in the past year, this could be your ticket to a cooler, more energy-efficient home!

Understanding the Summer Reliability Program

As Southern California faces scorching summer temperatures, the demand for energy skyrockets. In an effort to ensure grid stability and reduce the strain on power resources, SCE has designed the Summer Reliability Program. The program’s primary goal is to encourage homeowners to adopt energy-saving practices while simultaneously increasing their indoor comfort during the hottest months of the year.

What is a Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan is a powerful ventilation system installed in the attic of your home. It works by drawing in cool outdoor air through open windows and doors and expelling hot indoor air through the attic vents. Whole house fans are renowned for their ability to provide rapid and efficient cooling, making them a perfect complement to air conditioning systems. Whole house fans can save you up to 50-90% on your AC-related costs

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in SCE’s Summer Reliability Program and receive a free whole house fan, you need to meet a few simple eligibility requirements:


  1. No Solar System: If your home is not equipped with a solar system, you qualify for the program.
  2. No Plans to Move: Homeowners who have no intentions of moving within the next 12 months are eligible to apply.
  3. No Recent Utility Program Participation: To benefit from this offering, you must not have participated in any utility program in the past 12 months.

Benefits of Whole House Fans

Embracing a whole house fan through SCE’s program comes with numerous advantages, including:


  1. Energy Efficiency: Whole house fans are incredibly energy-efficient compared to traditional air conditioning units. They consume a fraction of the electricity, leading to substantial savings on your energy bills.
  2. Improved Indoor Air Quality: By constantly exchanging indoor air with fresh outdoor air, whole-house fans can help improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants and allergens.
  3. Rapid Cooling: Within minutes, a whole house fan can significantly lower indoor temperatures, creating a cool and comfortable living space during hot summer nights and evenings.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Reduced energy consumption means a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.

How to Participate

Participating in SCE’s Summer Reliability Program and obtaining a free whole house fan is a straightforward process. Simply fill out the simple application below and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

With SCE’s Summer Reliability Program, homeowners in Southern California have the chance to beat the heat and reduce their energy consumption with a free whole house fan. By participating in this program, you not only enhance your indoor comfort but also contribute to the overall stability and reliability of the region’s power grid.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep cool while saving on energy bills. Take advantage of the program, and make your summer a breeze! Act now, submit your application, and embrace the cool comfort of a whole house fan, courtesy of SCE’s Summer Reliability Program. Stay comfortable, stay energy-efficient, and stay connected to a greener future!