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Garage Ventilation Solutions

If the garage is also being used as a workspace then it is very important to ventilate the space with garage fans.

Some believe that because the home does not have an entry door, fumes are not an issue. However, if an HVAC system is located in the garage, fumes can enter the home through unsealed ductwork. Even with a whole house fan, you may still want to install a QuietCool garage exhaust fan. Remember, every time you pull the car into the garage and shut the door, exhaust fumes are building up inside.

QuietCool garage exhaust fans can also control the heat and humidity inside a garage. Humid air can damage items that are stored in garages and if that space is used as a makeshift workshop then it can get unbearably hot. By venting out the hot air, the garage will feel much cooler and the items being stored will take on far less damage.


QuietCool Garage Fans work great to cool your garage, man cave, or workshop. Our GA ES-1500 works to cool and ventilate your garage and the attic above your garage, greatly reducing the heat transfer between the attic and garage on extremely hot days. Don’t let your garage get hot and worry about damage to your vehicles, motorcycles, boat, or anything else you may store in your garage, just install a QuietCool Garage Fan!

Garage Fans From QuietCool

The QuietCool garage ventilation fan draws out odors or VOC gases that can accumulate and pollute a garage. These fans pull out that polluted air and eject it out. The air in the garage is then left much fresher and healthier. We offer ceiling and wall mounted garage fan solutions.

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