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Save up to 30% on garage cooling costs and even more on preventative care that protects your garage from costly damages with a QuietCool garage fan.

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Wall Mount Garage Fans

The GX ES-1100 model is a wall-mounted garage exhaust fan. The fan is installed in the wall and comes included with an exterior gable vent. In order to help it maintain a cool & comfortable temperature throughout the garage, this unit comes with our extremely efficient, electronically commutated (ECM) motor. This energy efficient garage fan is able to move just over 1,100 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) while consuming only 69 watts of electricity!

Ceiling Mount Garage Fans

The GA ES-1500 is a garage fan that is installed in the attic space above the garage. It is installed in between the joists just like the whole house fan models we offer, but does not use a duct or damper box. Instead, the air is pulled into the attic space and exhausted out the existing attic vents (2 square feet of net free venting required). This unit also has a built-in fire damper system that will clamp shut if a fire occurs in the garage, not allowing it to spread to the rest of the home.