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Is it Hard to install a Whole House Fan?

QC Worker is installing a Whole House Fan

While we always recommend having a professional installer install your whole house fan, they are not as hard to install as you may think. Most DIYers compare a whole house fan installation to that of a ceiling fan. Typically if you can install a ceiling fan, you can install a whole house fan.

This image is a guide in how to install a whole house fan

The QuietCool line of whole house fan are the easiest to install in the industry. With our easy step-by-step installation instructions and videos, homeowners can feel confident with installing their whole house fan.

This image is a controller for the whole house fan

We have wireless control options that make the installation even easier, so you don’t have to run any complicated electrical.

Since most homeowners don’t feel comfortable with installing appliances in their home, we have developed a nationwide dealer and installer network that can affordably install your whole house fan for you.

Simply give one of our partners a call to schedule your installation!


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