QuietCool Systems



Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized QuietCool partner. Please complete this form to apply to become an Authorized QuietCool Installer, Dealer, E-Commerce Vendor, or Wholesale Distributor.

Note to licensed contractors: While your application is being processed, you can purchase QuietCool products from any Authorized Wholesale Distributor.

The timeline from submission of an application to approval depends on the applicant’s willingness and ability to complete ALL application steps in a timely manner.

Many applicants have completed all steps and qualified to become an Authorized Installer or Dealer within 24 hours of submitting an application. Others may take a week or two to complete all steps. As well, we understand circumstances may change. Applicants who fail to timely return phone calls, emails, and/or complete specific application requirements within two weeks of applying, will be suspended from the application process. However, such applicants may reapply if their circumstances or interest level changes in the future.

1. Select partner category that best fits your business model. Categories are defined below.

2. Answer ALL questions. Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged.

3. a) Upon receipt of a completed application, Authorized Installer and Authorized Dealer applicants will receive, within 1 business day, an acknowledgment email from the Director of Sales with further instructions and information about the partner category selected. As well, the application will be forwarded to the territory Sales Account Executive who manages our partner relations in that territory.

3. b) Upon receipt of a completed application, E-Commerce and Wholesale Distributor applicants will receive a personal telephone call from a QuietCool manager within 1 business day.

4. Telephone interview; during a telephone interview, applicants will be advised as to which category (installer or dealer) best fits our mutual business objectives. As well, all terms of the partnership agreement will be discussed and agreed upon, in principle, before proceeding further with the application process.

5. Applicants who are approved to become Authorized Installers or Authorized Dealers will then be required to select and appoint a “Product Captain,” a person for their company who will be responsible for the overall partnership between our two companies.

6. The product captain and other sales and tech staff employed by the applicant company will be required to successfully complete the online QuietCool training program to ensure knowledge of, and compliance with, all necessary QuietCool marketing, sales and installation policies and practices.

7. Upon successful completion of the above, and execution of the QuietCool Partnership Agreement specific to the category, the applicant will be granted all rights and privileges of an Authorized Installer, Authorized Dealer, E-Commerce Vendor or Wholesale Distributor.

Begin by selecting the partner category that best fits your business model:

Authorized Installer: a licensed contractor who has completed the online QuietCool training program that includes sales and installation training modules.

Authorized Dealer: a licensed contractor who has completed the online QuietCool training program that includes sales, marketing, installation, business development and customer service training modules. As well, Authorized Dealers are assigned a QuietCool Sales Account Executive, are listed on the QuietCool Dealer Locator, and are eligible to participate in the QuietCool Marketing Co-op Program.

E-Commerce Vendor: authorized to sell QuietCool products on an approved E-Commerce shopping-cart platform.

Wholesale Distributor: authorized to sell QuietCool products to licensed contractors, Authorized Installers and Authorized Dealers through approved wholesale store locations.