April 19, 2018

Whole House Fans help Alleviate Springtime Allergies

quietcool trident pro

Reasons to buy whole house fans are relatively obvious for those in search of one. They help cool your home, they save you money on air conditioning, and, when buying from Quiet Cool, they are nearly silent, unlike most other cooling units.

There is, however, a reason to buy one that most people don’t think about. The prime time to use a Quiet Cool whole house fan is during the Spring and Summer seasons. Those seasons also happen to be the ones that destroy people’s sinuses with allergies. Pollen, dust, and more clog noses and scratch throats during these months constantly.

Quiet Cool’s whole house fans can actually help alleviate some of these daily springtime hassles. Some believe that letting the outside air inside the house would actually be worse for their allergies but in fact, according to the American Lung Association, the air inside the home is up to 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor air and describes the need for “proper ventilation” for healthy homes.

The American Lung Association also says “To provide good air quality, enough air needs to be brought in and circulated so that it reaches all areas of the home. For almost all homes, windows and structural elements contribute to bringing in fresh air. Many homes have additional mechanical systems to add to the flow. Some sources, such as stoves and bathrooms, need special venting that can remove the pollution they produce. Ventilation above stoves needs to carry the air outside to avoid redistributing pollutants from cooking inside the home.”

Bringing in an abundance of fresh air and rushing out the sitting, stale, and dusty air inside your home could be a large help. It especially can help when left on all night as it has the ability to pull dander out of couches and floors. This process is called Thermal Mass Cooling and as the house fan pulls the warm air, it also pulls whatever comes with it.

If you are wary of the pollen and dust coming into the house, there is also a quick fix for that. Quiet Cool has partnered up with Pollentec. They produce window screens that have the ability to block 99.9% of air pollutants and require just a simple install in order to be extra careful about bringing in outside allergens.

You can find these type of screens online and ask Quiet Cool sales representatives about them.

Also, to use Quiet Cool systems, you only need a few windows open in the house thus only needing to replace a few screens instead of every screen in your home.

Airflow in the home is crucial during spring months. When most people keep windows tightly shut leaving the air to accumulate and allowing your pet’s dander to fill up in the home. While other people blast their air conditioning and allow their home to get stuffy, you can enjoy a nicely ventilated home while the negative air that usually clogs your nostrils gets flushed out every day by one of Quiet Cool’s whole house fans.


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