October 9, 2013

About the QuietCool Whole House Fan System

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The QuietCool Whole House Fan System can save you money, let you enjoy better health and keep you cool for pennies an hour. Our Patented, whisper-quiet-whole-house-fan-system will cool and ventilate your home with fresh, natural air and can cut 50-90% off your air conditioning usage. The whole house fan is not a new idea and what we’ve done is totally redesigned it to make it whisper quiet and very versatile. This is a product that everyone needs whether they have air conditioning or not. First let us tell you how it works. Picture a giant vacuum cleaner connected to all of the attic vents in your home. Then cracking open a few windows and sucking all of the hot, stale air out of your home and attic in just to three to four minutes while brining in the fresh, natural breeze through your home. Doing this will cool your house in three ways. First, doing this breeze that comes through your home, which you can control by opening selected windows, cools you 5-10 degrees. Its just like having a giant ceiling fan blowing on you. Second, it cools your home up to 20 degrees by replacing all of the air in your home 15-20 times every hour. You can do this anytime the air is cooler outside of your home. Third, tt flushes all of the hot air out of your attic, making it up to 15 degrees cooler. The QuietCool whole house fan system cools your home by replaces the hot air in your home by exchanging it will cooler outside air. Your attic and reach temperatures of 150 degrees or more and your air conditioner does nothing for your attic. Infact, it is in constant battle with the attic heat. The QuietCool fan system cools down your home all night long without having to run your air conditioner. The department of energy states that whole house fans are the most efficient way to cool your home. The QuietCool system only costs pennies per hour to operate.

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