April 22, 2016

QuietCool: Whole House Fan Lines Explained

Here at QC Manufacturing, Inc., we offer four lines of QuietCool whole house fans. While each line has its own benefits, let’s take a look at the main difference between the four.

Let’s start with our Classic Series. Our Classic Series is our line of fans that is sold through our select online retailers as well as available to contractor and dealers alike through wholesale distribution. The Classic line and Energy Saver line comprise the Classic Series. With models in both lines ranging from 1500 CFM to 6400 CFM, and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, both lines are very similar, but the differences lie in the motor technology used in each line. The Classic line uses our standard efficiency PSC (or Permanent Split Capacitor) motor. This motor offers above average efficiency, especially when compared with the old shaded-pole motors used in many fans still on the market today. The Energy Saver line uses our high-efficiency ECM (or Electronically Commutated Motor) that offers the best energy-efficiency in the business.

The Professional Series line of QuietCool whole house fans is sold exclusively through our wholesale partners to authorized dealers and contractors. The Trident Pro and Stealth Pro lines comprise the Professional Series. With models in both line ranging between 1500 CFM to 6500 CFM, a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty included wall switch controls, and a removable grille, the Professional Series offers great value at a great price. The Trident Pro uses similar PSC motors as the Classic line and the Stealth Pro uses similar ECM motors as the Energy Saver lines.

While our PSC motor models are great, our ECM AC/DC brushless motors are an innovation in the industry and can help homeowners save even more off their A/C related electricity costs, sometimes up to 90%!

All of our fans can save you up to 50-90% off your A/C related costs, but if you want the most energy savings, over the long term, be thinking about what a QuietCool whole house fan with an ECM motor can do for you!