May 26, 2017

QuietCool Whole House Fan Removable Grille

There are multiple benefits of going with either the Stealth Pro or the Trident Pro series. One fantastic benefit that both series include is the removable grille.

Unlike the standard grille that is included with our Classic and Energy Saver series, that needs to be unscrewed whenever you go to clean the grille, the removable grille can easily pop out. This eliminates any chance of stripping the screws and makes cleaning the grille a breeze.

How to Remove QuietCool Grille

We recommend putting a cloth over a screwdriver, (so you do not scratch the grille) and simply inserting it on one side of the grille. At this point, gently wedge the grille out. It’s that easy! No more worry about stripping or losing screws.
After the grille has been cleaned, it is just as easy to snap the grille right back into place. Remember, a clean grille helps air travel into the attic with minimal resistance, keeping your system running at peak performance!
Remember, if it doesn’t say QuietCool, It’s just another fan.


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