May 19, 2017

QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control

New for 2017 is the QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control. This control is compatible with all QuietCool fans, new and old! This revolutionary control eliminates the need for running wires down the wall which reduces labor time. Homeowners will be able to operate their QuietCool whole house fan right from the QuietCool app on their smartphone or tablet!

Smart Whole House Fan Control

​The QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control is compatible with all existing QuietCool fans as well as new units. The Wi-Fi Smart Control can be retrofitted on an existing handy box on the fan. It can also be installed directly to the QuietCool motorhead on a new unit.

​The Wi-Fi Smart Control emits its own Wi-Fi network making the installation extremely simple. However, for customers that do not have Wi-Fi in their home, they can simply connect to each fan directly on their device. Also from there they can modify the speed setting and timer setting of the fan.

For customers that have Wi-Fi in the home, they can move the fan to their in-home Wi-Fi network. Therefore anyone in the home with the QuietCool app to control the fans in the system.

No more walking up and down the stairs or interrupting your favorite show to turn your QuietCool system on. Simply open a window, open the QuietCool app and enjoy the breeze!