QuietCool Systems



QC Manufacturing remains thoroughly committed to the health and safety of all of our employees and guests at our facility. Just as we believe our product can and must be continuously improved, so too do we believe that we can always better our work environment. We will always apply the same care to our employees that we apply to our fans, because without our quality employees we can not deliver a quality product.

QC Manufacturing has taken steps above and beyond Cal/OSHA requirements. As a company we elected to enter into the Voluntary Participation Program. This program subjected us to increased scrutiny and oversight. With Cal/OSHA’s assistance we have been able to proceed through this program attaining Golden Gate and now SHARP status. This recognizes us as a facility with an advanced safety program and deep commitment to the culture of safety.

We utilize in-house training, consultation services and first-aid/CPR/AED certification to ensure we have an involved, educated and capable staff ready to respond to any incidents. Frequent and recurring inspections of our facility and equipment are conducted to identify any hazard. Additionally, employees of all tiers are educated and empowered to identify any and all hazards as they may arise. The culture of “SAFETY FIRST!” is always fostered at QC Manufacturing.
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