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Receive up to $150 instant rebate on QuietCool Professional Whole House Fans depending on model. Click for details.


Our Whole House Fans are our savings juggernauts. These incredibly powerful and whisper-quiet fans allow your home to experience an elevated level of comfort while offering to save you up to 50-90% on your A/C related costs. It accomplishes this because of its excellent motor and incredible efficiency.

Each of our Whole House Fans offer incredible cooling, just as an A/C, does but for just a fraction of the watt usage. To compare, the average air conditioning uses roughly 3,500 watts while operating. Our Whole House Fans, on average, use just 365 watts. This massive difference could save you hundreds of dollars every month on your energy bill, giving you a massive and quick return on your investment.


Our Attic Fans use even fewer watts than our Whole House Fans, however, they do not pull air through the home and out the attic vents as a whole house fan does. What they do accomplish is just as miraculous. Our Attic Fans consume, on average, just 92 watts. With that minimal watt consumption, these little wonders are able to save you money, cool your home, and protect your roof from unnecessary damage.

They are able to accomplish this by pulling air out of your attic and bringing it to within 10 ºF of the ideal temperature. Running on just a fraction of the watts, these fans are a necessity in every attic in America.


Being comfortable in your own home is essential. We here at QuietCool believe you deserve to be comfortable all year long. This is why our products offer unmatched cooling for unbeatable costs.

All you have to do in order to experience comfort typically only found on the best of beaches is turn on your QuietCool Whole House Fan. This brings in a gust of cool air, giving you an instant 10 ºF cooling effect. The simplest thing as a breeze offers you cooling that A/Cs can not match. Don’t settle for uncomfortable air, utilize fresh, outdoor air to cool you down and increase the comfort of your home.

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