May 1, 2019

The Secret Behind QuietCool: High-Performance Acoustical Ducting

Our High-Performance Acoustical Ducting is the secret behind the success of our whole house fans. Its multi-layered core keeps noise out of the living space so you can enjoy cooling and comfort at just a whisper. These layers aren’t filled with ducks like their name may suggest but instead consists of three main layers.


The first layer is the Duct Jacket. This layer is the protective sleeve on the outside of the ducting. The inside then contains the Duct Core and Insulations. These three layers allow our fans to keep noise waves to filter out of the ducting like a sponge. This disrupts the noise by filtering it through the High-Performance Acoustical Ducting.


The design and patented construction of our whole house fans also do an excellent job of keeping noise out of your home. Keeping the ducting at a 90º angle lessens the amount of sound that can reach the home through the Airtight Damper Box. This is because noise travels in a straight line, so that obstructs the amount of noise that reaches a home.


This revolutionary High-Performance Acoustical Ducting also allows for the Heavy Duty Steel Housing to be placed away from the house. Unlike most whole house fans, QuietCool has their motorhead suspended in the air, multiple feet away from the home. All of this allows QuietCool to offer eco-friendly whole home cooling, at the sound of a whisper.


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