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How To Install: PollenTec Screen

Installation: 1: Remove the screen frame from the window and place the screen on a smooth flat surface such as a table or workbench. 2: Lay the new PollenTec screen over the frame and make sure it is sized correctly for your window leaving approximately 1 inch on each side. 3: Remove the old screen […]

Can I Mount My QuietCool Horizontally On A Vertical Application?

The QuietCool Vertical Adapter is used to mount the QuietCool intake grille vertically, on a vertical wall application. A vertical adapter is required for this installation to ensure the dampers work properly. The dampers will not work properly if you mount the grill horizontally on the vertical wall application.

Who Can Install The QuietCool Whole House Fan For You?

We have preferred dealers nationwide that can install for you. You can find a Dealer in your area by clicking Where to Buy in the header. The QuietCool Whole House Fan System can be installed very easily for a “Do It Your Selfer” or you can always hire a local Handyman or Electrician as well, […]