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My Whole House Fan Blade Is Not Spinning

Possible Causes The motor is humming, but the blade does not move Blade position is off centered and stopped against the housing Solutions Disconnect the whole house fan and manually adjust the motor bracket into a centered position.

My Whole House Fan’s Controls Aren’t Working

Symptoms Fan turns on when control system is bypassed by plugging fan cord directly into a plug outlet. Solutions If your controls are not working properly, please be sure to check the wiring of your switch in relation to the wiring diagram included with your QuietCool whole house fan. NOTE: QUIETCOOL RECOMMENDS THAT ALL WIRING […]

My Whole House Fan Has No Power

Possible Causes No power to plug outlet Defective control system Solutions Test your plug outlet with a receptacle/outlet tester, or try plugging another working appliance into the outlet. If no power to plug outlet, contact an experienced electrician for further assistance. Bypass any remote system by removing remote receiver/relay module and plug the fan cord […]