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Wi-Fi Smart Control

How To Download Beta Smart Control App

Click the image of the App Store that you use to download the QuietCool app.       This is a beta application that is only intended for beta testers of the Smart Attic Fan control. For more information, please contact support.

How To Split Wi-Fi Networks For Wi-Fi Smart Control

If you are having issues getting your Wi-Fi Smart Control moved over to your Wi-Fi network, you may have a dual or triband router that is combining the 2.4GHz network with the 5GHz network. The Wi-Fi Smart Control only works with dedicated 2.4 ghz networks. To solve this issue, you will need to head into […]

System Requirements And Wireless Tips

System Requirements: Wi-Fi Router with 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network WPA, WPA2, or WEP security iOS 8.0 or greater Android 4.0.3 or greater Compatibility Compatible with most Wi-Fi routers that have a 2.4 Ghz network Not compatible with Wi-Fi Range Extenders, 5 Ghz networks, or dual/tri-band routers that combine the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks together (see […]

How To Perform A Firmware Update

A firmware update may come out from time-to-time to fix any bugs or enable enhancements within the QuietCool app. The process to update the firmware of the Wi-Fi hub is very simple. Step 1: Open the QuietCool app and tap on the fan you’d like to update. Step 2: Tap the Settings icon in the […]

General FAQs: Wi-Fi Smart Control

How do I connect my phone to my fan? To connect your fan to your phone all you’ll need is the Wi-Fi Smart Control Hub (IT-36001) and a smart device with the QuietCool App. What QuietCool models are compatible with the Wi-Fi hub? The QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control is backwards compatible with all QuietCool whole […]

Support FAQs: Wi-Fi Smart Control

What is the UDP socket error?This error has to do with network communication. You will need to close the app out for a few seconds and re-open the app. If the fan app continues to show the UDP socket error, please perform a soft reset. You can perform a soft reset by unplugging the fan […]

How To Setup And Install Wi-Fi Smart Control

Click the image of the App Store that you use to download the QuietCool app.         QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control: Setup Video QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control: How to Add a Second Fan Video QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control: How to Use Video