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98pct result

QuietCool whole house fans are the highest rated whole house fans online. QuietCool online reviews average 4.6 out of 5 stars across all platforms. Compare this to our competition that has an average of fewer than 3 out of 5 stars and you can see just how far ahead of the competition QuietCool is.

With a 98% customer satisfaction, you can trust that you will love your QuietCool whole house fan or your money back!

Marva Turner
Very happy with the fan. It is quiet and my house during the summer was about 15-20 degrees cooler.
Paul Chadha
Looks good and easy to install
Great experience with order fulfillment and shipping. Quality products.
Rubdys Santiago
Item being connected to atic exhaust fan.
Amazon Customer
As described.
Hardest part of the install was crawling in the attic and not forgetting all the tools needed.
christopher wing
Excelent price and exactly what I needed.
The fan has been working as expected. The attic space is cooler and this allows the existing AC to keep up

I had no idea it would actually help keep my family healthier!

Whole house fans do such an efficient job of keeping the air inside our home fresh, cool and clean that all those nasty viruses and germs are swept outside before they have a chance to infect other members of the family.

My wife used to smoke

These ventilation fans keep the house really nice and cool – and they also replace the air inside the house every few minutes or so. My wife used to smoke, but kicked the habit. I on the other hand still light up occasionally and it used to pose a serious problem until we rigged our house up with QuietCool System whole house fans. As a result, I’m able to enjoy my occasional cigarette in the comfort of my study without anyone else in the house being bothered by it.

QuietCool Systems Ventilation fans are so Efficient

It literally takes just a couple of minutes to feel the effects. All you need to do is open some windows and it’s like the entire house takes a deep breath of fresh air! My entire home is 15ºF cooler and my kids’ allergies have all but disappeared.

I Am Still Amazed

I was very hesitant but went ahead and tried two QUIETCOOL 1500s in our two bedrooms. They not only work awesome but they truly are very quiet.

I Recently Replaced My Old A/C Unit

Every room has this beautiful cool breeze blowing gently through it and the temperature has gone from 95º to 75º F! It’s so quick and efficient, not to mention far easier on the pocket than traditional A/C!

I Am Very Environmentally Conscious

It only took a year to recoup the money spent through the amount saved in electricity. And now I enjoy a beautifully cool home even in the hottest summer months. Even better, I can do so while minimizing my carbon footprint!

It’s incredibly efficient and I get a steady feed of fresh air in my home.

If you are tired of paying through the nose to keep your house cool, then you should seriously think about checking out QuietCool Systems and their array of ventilation fans. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of whole house fans.

Great job, great technology, keep up the good work. KUDOS!

WOW! This is way quieter than my AC unit and I am so impressed with the level of quality, I will definitely be referring this fan to everyone I know, with NO hesitation.

Amazing Experience

Today, my house stays cool at a minimal cost compared to using the A/C and it's all because of the QuietCool whole house fan ventilation system!


I got my first bill and compared it to last year’s bill and I saved almost 50% off my bill. My family absolutely loves it. This is one of the best investments I have made in my home. Thank you QuietCool 🙂

I have not turned on my AC one time since installing the two fans

The whole experience has been great and we love having the fans to cool down the house rather than running up a large utility bill.

Exceptional Product: QC-4700

The comfort it has afforded us is exceptional. We religiously use it in the evening hours and throughout the night. Now we rarely use our conventional cooling system.

I have used Quiet Cool Fans in my last two homes.

I always smile and then tell them about my quiet cool fans. My family loves them.

Alan B.|


We almost never use our A/C anymore, as the QuietCool fans do the job.

I purchased and installed a QuietCool system in my house 4 years ago. I can honestly say it's one of the very best investments I've ever made for my house. It's ability to cool down the house in the evenings is unbelievable.

Sam G|


It works well, keeping the house cool.

Living and sleeping is so much more comfortable with the Quiet Cool fan, well worth the extra cost.

Lloyd V|

San Bernardino, CA 12/09/2016

We not only enjoyed a cool home this summer but our electric bill remained low.

One of our neighbors has a QuietCool fan and another has another brand. Both neighbors let us come to their home to see and hear the fans. Hands down, the QuietCool fan was the quietest whole house fan.

Roger O.|


The fan is unbelievably quiet

when we turn it on, it feels more like a cool late spring breeze wafting through the house rather than a vent fan. A/C usage has been cut by half and the comfort level in the house has increased considerably.

Craig W.|

Aspen Hills, MD 12/10/2016

This has changed our lives

I owe many good nights of rest and cool relaxing evenings of comfort to my Quiet Cool 2250, and I can say with confidence that I will not be without one again. I will most certainly install a quiet cool wherever I wind up.

Steven M.|

Rocklin, CA 12/11/2016

Great job on engineering, guys and gals!

I decided to bite the bullet and buy QC. I am so happy I did! Installation was a breeze (pun intended)! This unit is almost unnoticeable on high speed.

Glenn S.|

Wake Forest, NC 09/12/2017

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