August 31, 2018

The Cooling System that Dramatically Reduces Your A/C Costs

QuietCool whole house fans are the only eco-friendly, quiet, and efficient cooling systems that can drastically reduce A/C costs. One system manages to achieve all of this by being uniquely designed.

Our founder created the patented ducting system that gives these whole house fans their famously quiet airflow and iconic look. The whole house fan is not just aesthetically pleasing but effective as well.

Whole house fans work by pulling the cool night or morning air into the home and pushing the uncomfortably warm air out. These systems do this better than any other. The Trident Pro-7.0X can move 7,000 cubic feet of air per minute and, on average, QuietCool whole house fans accomplish 15-20 air exchanges per minute. This means fresh, cool air is rapidly ushered into a home like other cooling systems simply can’t accomplish.


Such rapid air movement not only cools homes quickly but keeps them that way far longer than a typical A/C. This happens because QuietCool whole house fans are so strong that they cool the actual mass of objects inside of a home. With A/C, the surface area is the only thing that is cooled. With QuietCool, the entirety of a home is chilled.


This results in using the A/C far less, which is the key to A/C related savings. Even if a whole house fan is run more than the A/C normally is, savings will still be prevalent.


The motor’s efficiency is what should be credited for this. They use far less energy than an A/C and, in turn, lower the energy bill. A/C’s typically consume 3,500 watts of energy. QuietCool whole house fans, at their absolute highest, grab just 1,147 watts and at the lowest consume only 66.7 watts. It is likely that a homeowner would not often even get to 1,147 watts as that is running the most powerful whole house fan on it’s absolute highest.

Since it does consume less, it is far more energy efficient than normal cooling systems which makes it the most eco-friendly option. It is so eco-friendly that whole house fans are now a prescriptive standard in 7 of the 16 California climate zones and are soon to be in Colorado as well.


A/C’s are one of the most expensive appliances in any home and there is only one option to lessen that expense while remaining cool. A QuietCool whole house fan.




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