August 10, 2018

How well does a whole house fan work in Arizona?

A whole house fan is used to push hot air out of a home and bring in crisp brand new air from outside in order to cool the home for the remaining hot portion of the day. These machines are great for most climates, however, they may not be best for all climates.

On days that have extreme humidity, for example, it may not be best to use a whole house fan. This is because you would likely bring in too much water vapor and cause your home to feel extremely humid albeit cool. This is why specific states can be perfect for a whole house fan and others may not be as beneficiary.

One state that is frequently inquired about is Arizona. This state is the one that there are the most questions about simply because it is one of the hottest states in America. Temperatures there can reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit so a whole house fan could be extremely beneficial for a home in a place that gets such extreme heat.

The downside may be that the temperature never really cools down or the humidity may be too high to use a cooling system like this in a home. However, according to Current Results, Arizona is the least humid state in the country, especially in Tuscon.

State Place Morn­ing After­noon
Alabama Birmingham 84 52
Alaska Anchorage 77 64
Arizona Tucson 53 25
Arkansas Fort Smith 85 49
California San Diego 76 62
Colorado Grand Junction 60 35
Connecti­cut Hartford 79 52
Delaware Wilmington 79 54
Florida Tampa 87 57
Georgia Macon 86 50
Hawaii Honolulu 71 56
Idaho Boise 68 41
Illinois Peoria 83 58
Indiana Indianapolis 83 58
Iowa Des Moines 78 56
Kansas Wichita 80 50
Kentucky Louisville 79 55


Louisiana New Orleans 87 61
Maine Portland 82 61
Maryland Baltimore 77 52
Massachu­setts Boston 75 59
Michigan Lansing 84 61
Minnesota Minneapolis 78 55
Mississippi Jackson 91 54
Missouri Springfield 82 53
Montana Helena 71 45
Nebraska Lincoln 82 53
Nevada Reno 71 32
New Hampshire Concord 84 53
New Jersey Atlantic City 83 59
New Mexico Albuquer­que 60 29
New York Syracuse 82 61
North Carolina Greensboro 83 52
North Dakota Bismarck 80 51


Ohio Columbus 80 57
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 79 48
Oregon Portland 85 59
Pennsylvania Harrisburg 77 54
Rhode Island Providence 78 57
South Carolina Columbia 86 49
South Dakota Huron 83 53
Tennessee Nashville 84 53
Texas Dallas 82 49
Utah Salt Lake City 67 43
Vermont Burlington 77 58
Virginia Richmond 84 52
Washington Seattle 83 62
West Virginia Beckley 83 59
Wisconsin Madison 84 58
Wyoming Lander 63 43

Arizona also tends to cool off in the Summer despite their extreme heat. Also per Current Results, Arizona can reach highs up to 95-106 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer but still usually dips back down to 79-83 degrees at night. This is ideal for a whole house fan that relies on cool night in order to bring in colder air to cool the home.

So, the general answer for this question would be simple. A whole house fan works extremely well in Arizona and it may just be the perfect place to own this type of machine.


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