September 26, 2018

Every Possible Rule Regarding a Whole House Fan

quietcool whole house fan inside an attic

When to use a whole house fan

  • Use at night during hot days

The preeminent rule for a whole house fan is when it should be used. A whole house fan should almost always be used at night or, more specifically, the coolest hours of the day. With the goal being whole home cooling, taking the coldest air possible and whisking it into the home is obviously the best course of action.

  • Use during hot days to warm home

The other side of this rule depends on the season. During winter and fall, it is unlikely a homeowner would want to cool down their home even more.  So, turning the fan on during the middle of the day, instead of the middle of the night, would heat the home for the cold nights and so a homeowner could use their heater much less.

  • Open doors to bring cool air into rooms

The number one rule of getting a cool nights sleep with a whole house fan is opening the door to the bedroom. Having the door closed means only the smallest of quantities of air will seep in. Opening the door will allow the air to flow effortlessly instead of it either bypassing or barely making it into the room.


When not to use a whole house fan

  • Not with A/C

Using a whole house fan with an A/C would be counterproductive. What a whole house is ideally suited for is to be used by itself to lessen the amount of time the air needs to be conditioned. Running an A/C unit would not only simply reduce the dollars saved but would be completely useless. Throwing cool air into a home that is having air actively pulled out of it would mean that cold air would never reach the homeowner. Running the A/C sparingly during the day and not with the whole house fan, however, would still be suggested if the home ever got warm.

  • Not during the hot day

A whole house fan should not be used during the day if a cooled home is the intention. Pulling hot midday air into the home from outside is counterproductive.


Zone System

  • Use zoned system for extremely large homes

This is not a finite rule like some of the others in this piece but is a heavily suggested rule. If a home is too large, a zoned system would work most effectively. A zoned system is when a homeowner has a large, centrally located, whole house fan and one or more other, smaller whole house fans in individual rooms. This allows for optimum airflow and should correspond to the CFM and square footage of a home.

  • Use zoned system if a cool room is what is desired

If a homeowner is most interested in their room being cool, a zoned system should be the go to. A home can only have one small fan located in a room but it is highly suggested to still have that larger whole house fan in the center of a home.



  • Windows open

Every single time a QuietCool whole house fan is on, a few windows need to be open. A whole house fan can not operate correctly if there are not avenues to pull air from. If windows are not open, a homeowner could damage their fan, damage their home, and even pull soot from their chimney into the home.

  • Shut windows during the day to keep in cool air

After a whole house fan is used all the windows in the home should be shut the following day. Not only does this keep in all the cool air that was purposefully whisked in but allows the homeowner to keep the home cool longer which where the savings truly expand.

  • Close blinds for optimal cooling while windows shut during the day

To make a whole house fan even more effective, shutting all the blinds would keep the sun out of the home and the cool air in.

  • Only open windows 3-4 inches

For optimal cooling, open the selected windows just three to four inches each. This is the perfect amount to focus the airflow and get a real strong breeze to be pushed through the home.


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