Attic Fan Installation

Attic Fan Installation

If your attic isn’t ventilated, it may be causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Because of the attic’s location in the upper part of your house, the combination of heat from the sun and heat rising up from the lower levels of your home can make the attic extremely hot, which can contribute to discomfort throughout the rest of the house. To deal with the excess heat and lack of ventilation, many people install attic fan systems from QuietCool.

Do Attic Fans Work?

When installed properly, an attic fan can effectively cool the attic and draw fresh, cool air into the home.

Attic fans work by drawing air from the rest of the house into the attic through an opening between the two spaces.

It then ventilates this air to the outside of the house for an overall cooling effect.

How to Install Attic Fan Systems

To install an attic fan, you must first make sure that an opening exists between your attic and the rest of your house. If no such opening exists, you must create one before you can install the fan. You must also make sure that the fan can effectively ventilate warm air outside of the house. Attic fans are usually secured using nails or screws. When securing the fan, make sure that the blades can spin freely.

If you’re wondering how to install an attic fan from QuietCool, you can find all of the answers you need in the written instructions that are included with every QuietCool attic fan kit. QuietCool recommends hiring a skilled and licensed electrician to complete any necessary wiring.

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Attic Fan Installation Cost

The cost of installing an attic fan depends on several different factors, including the size and type of attic fan you purchase and whether you hire a contractor to help with installation. The cost of installation may be higher if additional work is required to prepare the installation site, such as wiring changes. Contact an authorized QuietCool dealer to discuss your specific garage or attic fan installation needs.

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