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With energy costs higher than ever, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their bills while still keeping the whole house cool. Choosing a more energy efficient air conditioner is one solution, but for many homes an even better solution is an attic exhaust fan.

Whole House Fan and Attic Fan Misconception

Whole house fans and attic fans are often perceived as the same type of fan. This is a very common misconception.

Back in the 1970s, people would call the old fashioned “helicopter” whole house fans, an attic fan. This caught on and is still very common on the east coast of the United States.

A whole house fan is a fan that exhausts air from the home, into the attic, and out the attic vents.

An attic fan is a fan that exhausts air strictly out of the attic, and not the home as well. There are many types of attic fans such as attic gable fans, roof mount attic fans, and solar attic fans.

Quality Attic Fans

An attic fan is used to improve the flow of air within a home. These come in several different styles including attic exhaust fans and roof fans. An attic exhaust fan helps remove the hot air from the attic, which then reduces your reliance on an air conditioner, which will save you money.

Years ago, many homes came with an attic vent fan already installed. Over the years, they have fallen out of favor, but with rising energy costs this is something that many homeowners are revisiting.

Why Use a Gable Fan?

Rather than bringing in fresh air like a window fan, for instance, a gable attic fan is a specific type of attic fan designed to remove the hot, stale air from the attic of a home. You will feel the benefit of this fan mostly in your cooling bill. Since gable fans remove the hottest air in the home, your air conditioner will be more efficient and you may be able to run it less while still effectively cooling your home.

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Choosing the Right Fan

If you want to learn more about how an attic ventilation fan can reduce your energy bills and help you stay cool this summer, perhaps it is time to talk to an expert. Call or contact us at QuietCool Systems. We would be glad to discuss our line of attic fans with you and help you choose the one that will best meet your needs.