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Garage Exhaust Fan

Garages are those multi-purpose rooms that we use to protect our vehicles from the weather, make car repairs, store gardening products, paint wood crafts and provide a workspace for a million other small home projects. However, these activities may be hindered due to dangerous fumes that can build up in the space. This is where a garage exhaust fan from QuietCool becomes a necessity.

Garage Fans From QuietCool

The QuietCool garage ventilation fans draw out the odors or VOC gases that can build up to pollute the air quality of the garage.
It pulls the polluted air from inside to the outside while leaving fresh air indoors to eliminate the potential health risks.
When your garage is attached to the house, you don’t want this poor air quality entering the home to make you or your family sick.

Garage Ventilation Solutions

If you are also using the garage as a workspace where you are using chemicals and products that can create harmful odors, it is very important that you ventilate the space with one of our garage fans.
You may believe that because your garage doesn’t have an entry door to the house, you won’t inhale any fumes. Yet if you have the HVAC system located in the garage, carbon monoxide and other fumes can enter the unsealed ductwork and enter the home.
Even with a whole house fan, and if your garage is a separate structure, you may still want to install a QuietCool garage exhaust fan. Remember, every time you pull the car into the garage and shut the door, or start the ignition on cold mornings to warm the car, exhaust fumes are building up inside. You can become disoriented and incapacitated when breathing in too much of these fumes.

QuietCool garage exhaust fans can also control the heat and humidity inside your garage. You may store other things in your garage such as gardening products, cleaning chemicals, and craft projects that can become damaged from continuous hot, humid air. By venting out the hot air, the garage will feel cooler when you are using it as a workspace. Also, the fresher air will extend the life of your cleaning chemicals and gardening products.

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