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Our Trident Pro X Series is the powerful Whole House Fan that is ideal for any home in need of maximum airflow. With our patented design, robust airflow, and reliable production, you can experience supreme cooling.

  • Permanent Split Capacitor Motor (PSC)
  • 115 watts to 1,147 watts depending on model
  • 1,498 CFM to 7,015 CFM depending on model
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Hand Guard:

Guard that protects from potential injury or fan obstruction.

Computer Balanced Fan Blades:

High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Energy-Efficient PSC Motor:

Permanent Split Capacitor Motor that uses sealed ball bearings to increase durability and longevity.

Adjustable Hanging Strap:

Keyhole straps that allow you to adjust up or down without removing the screw so the fan can be hung in nearly every attic space.

Heavy Duty Steel Housing:

Powder-coated steel housing that protects the fan from wear and tear.

Duct Collar:

The adjustable collar that helps seal and secure the Heavy Duty Steel Housing and the Airtight Damper Box with no air leakage.

High-Performance Acoustical Ducting:

Noise dampening technology with insulated ducting that is used to separate the Steel Housing from the living space.

Duct Clasp:

Duct clasp that helps secure the ducting to the Airtight Damper Box and Steel Housing without screws or tape.

R5 Damper Doors:

Barometric pressurized damper doors that utilize gravity to secure the Airtight Damper Box.

Airtight Damper Box:

Damper Box with R5 insulated doors that prevent any heat transfer from the attic to the living area.

High Airflow Grille:

The removable grille that can snap in or out for easy cleaning.

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                              QUIET OPERATION

                              These whisper-quiet and energy-efficient wonders are the #1 residential cooling & ventilation appliance on the market

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                              Attic Fans

                              HOW IT WORKS

                              Our Whole House Fans utilize what already exists to create something offered nowhere else. Open two or three windows a few inches wide, turn on your QuietCool Whole House Fan, and experience fresh, cool air replacing your indoor air in 3-4 minutes. Your Whole House Fan will quietly pull air through the windows, into the attic, and out the attic vents giving you a cost effective way to keep your home cool and healthy.


                              Learn How it Works

                              QUIETCOOL IS THE V IN HVAC

                              Attic Fans

                              THERMAL MASS COOLING

                              Attic Fans

                              CLEAN AIR FOR THE INDOOR GENERATION

                              According to the American Lung Association, homes are like lungs, they need to breathe to make sure that fresh air comes in and dirty air goes out. To keep your home safe you have to introduce fresh, outdoor air to dilute these indoor pollutants. Turning on your QuietCool Whole House Fan means you no longer have to recycle your air, you can let your home breathe.

                              SAVE UP TO 50-90%

                              Save up to 50-90% on A/C related costs and even more on preventative care that protects your attic, home, and A/C from costly damages with a QuietCool Whole House Fan. You won’t only use your A/C less but your home will be cooler longer because our products do something A/C can’t; cool the thermal mass of your home.


                              VERTICAL ADAPTER

                              Don’t have a conventional attic space above your living area? Utilize a Vertical Adapter and cool your home with a side attic. These adapters were created as some homes do not have attics above their living area. Some homes throughout the country have a side attic against their wall and only enough attic space for our Whole House Fans in this area. When this is the case, these homes can use a Vertical Adapter so our R5 Damper Doors can still operate successfully while offering the entire home cooling and comfort.


                              Zone Air Pathway

                              This innovative pathway allows any room to get the cooling and comfortability of QuietCool while keeping your privacy. Installed above any bedroom door and fitted with baffle technology that reduces sound and ensures privacy through the vent makes these a necessity in single system homes. They work simply as a conduit for the air to travel through as your QuietCool Whole House Fan still pulls air out of your open window it simply passes through the ZAP before ascending into the attic! If you want privacy AND cooling, get a ZAP installed above your bedroom door today!

                              EXPERIENCE A MORE COMFORTABLE WAY TO LIVE

                              Being comfortable in your own home is essential. This is why our products ensure you can experience a relaxing breeze, whenever you need it. Simply turn your QuietCool Whole House Fan and experience a breezy beach day right in your living room.

                              CONTROL YOUR FAN FROM ANYWHERE

                              Our Wireless RF Control Kit allows you to turn on your QuietCool Whole House Fan from anywhere in your home! Use up to 100 feet away and receive cooling without ever leaving your bedroom.


                              Half Section RF

                              ULTRA-FAST INSTALLATION

                              Our Pro Series should be installed by a local contractor. This installation process is quick, simple, and will start your savings as soon as possible.

                              WHOLE HOUSE FAN SIZING FORMULA

                              We utilize a standard formula of 2, 2,5, or 3 CFM per square foot of living area. 2 CFM would be sufficient for a good system, 2.5 CFM for a better system, and 3 CFM for the best system. Utilize the calculator on this page to determine the amount of CFM required for your home. This formula will always work, regardless of the size of the home, and remember that the greater the airflow, the better.

                              Considerations for Size
                              When sizing a whole-house fan system, there are two additional aspects to keep in mind:

                              In a coastal area where the environment is colder, a well-designed system should be able to function. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the ideal system for a desert environment where temperatures can fluctuate greatly throughout the day and night.

                              If the ceilings in your home are higher than 8 feet, you’ll need to size the system a little larger to account for the increased airflow.

                              Powerful Home Cooling

                              WHICH WHOLE HOUSE FAN IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

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                              VENTING CALCULATOR

                              Please answer the three questions accurately as possible to see your suggested QuietCool Pro Series Fan System.

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                              Enter the number of vents in your home for each vent type below and click the calculate button.








                              Your total net free venting area (square feet):

                              THE DREAM VENTILATION SYSTEM

                              Attic Fans

                              ZONED (MULTI-FAN) SYSTEM

                              WHOLE HOUSE FAN + WHOLE HOUSE FAN

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                              Allows the homeowner to have complete control over their ventilation and cooling needs with a multi-zoned system. A zoned system’s total CFM requirements are met by adding the cumulative CFM of all zoned units, not by adding the CFM of each zoned fan individually. Zoned fans can be used simultaneously to cool a large area of a residence. However, a zoned system provides for more precise airflow management in each individual bedroom.

                              Attic Fans

                              THE PERFECT SAVINGS TANDEM

                              WHOLE HOUSE FAN + ATTIC FAN

                              tri plus afr result

                              Whole house fans and attic fans are complementary products that provide two distinct functions for the same objective. The night before, your whole-house fan will pre-cool your home and help cool the thermal mass of your home to keep your home cooler the following day. During the hottest portions of the day, the attic fan will assist keep your attic cooler. Your ultimate result might be substantial savings! Say goodbye to the days when your air conditioner cycling on and off caused high electricity bills.

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                              Updated December 31, 2023