May 17, 2018

How Simply Whole House Fans are Actually Made

quietcool trident pro 7.0X fan head

Whole House fans are shockingly simple machines, in more ways than one.

They are simple in the way they work because they simply suck the hot air out of a home by pushing it out of the attic and bringing in the cool air from outside of the home. That cool air then fills the entire house while pushing the hot sticky air in every area including the attic. That is a pretty easy thing to understand when comparing it to other cooling systems.

They are also simple to install. You need simply a power drill and the Quiet Cool whole house fan contains only seven parts; the Quiet Cool motorhead, duct, damper box, grille and template, screws, nylon strap, and a window lock. You will then want to install the whole house fan in a centrally located part of your home.

Before you install the fan into the selected part of the home, you will want to spin the fan blade to make sure it is moving with ease. Have at least 30 inches of height and make sure there are no obstructions. Then simply mark four reference holes and mark around the holes with a pencil and finally cut out that area.

You then simply slide the damper box down into the cut-out and drill it into place. It is quite the efficiently exacted installation and can be done by the right people rather quickly.

Finally, whole house fans are made rather simply. Because whole house fans like Quiet Cool’s usually have a small selection of parts. they are made in an efficient and simple way. A former Quiet Cool warehouse worker explained the process of making whole house fans like this, “In the back they make the metal cylinders and ducts for the fans. From there they build the fans and attach the cylinders to the ducts. Then the packaging department or put it back in storage. From there shipping take the orders and scans the fans and puts them in either UPS of Fed-Ex pile.”

For a fan that works as well as most whole house fans do this is an incredibly simple process.

Whole house fans are misunderstood systems because they are not very well known. They are, however, some of the more simple machines to be made for cooling a home and one of the more effective. So, the next time you are looking for a whole house fan, remember they are much simpler than they appear.