July 3, 2018

Do Whole House Fans Work For a Single Room?

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Using a machine that designates the exact space it affects in its very name for something completely different seems foolish. It seems especially foolish to do so for a job that seems much less significant.

This is why many people do not utilize whole house fans for just a single room. They think it is a waste. It is, however, extremely effective and for much less of a cost.

All one would need to do is put a fan directly above any small room and open one window in that room. Whole house fans work by utilizing CFM and a room obviously only needs a fan with very minor CFM. This is because CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It is how much airflow is needed for how much space there is.

This, in turn, means a person would need a much smaller fan, making the cost much less significant than most assume. Cooling one single room could also have some some additional benefits.

For one, at night you would only truly have to leave the system on in one room, cutting the energy cost by even more with the average whole house fan. As whole house fans ventilate and rid the home of dander, pollen, and dust, doing all of these things in one small room could lead to a much healthier breathing situation.

This could be especially true if left on all night. the natural circulation of air that these machines deliver would constantly bring in cool air.

The last important benefit of placing a whole house fan in a single room is combating extreme heat. As quick as these cooling systems are in an entire home, if the temperature outside is not exceedingly cool, the home takes much longer to do so.

Putting a whole house fan in just one room would allow that room to not only cool quickly, as it is a much smaller space to move air in, but someone would only need to cool that area of the home.

Putting a whole house fan in one room may seem unnecessary but it is unbelievably effective and can be beneficial in more ways than one.


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