September 4, 2018

What Makes Whole House Fans Worth it

Claiming to save 50-90%  is an easy number to boast about but just how does a QuietCool whole house fan save people money and are they really worth it?

This is a question that has become so common but also, so easily answered. QuietCool whole house fans save money first and foremost because they are one of the most efficient cooling systems on the market today.

How these fans work is fairly simple. They pull the cool air from outside into the house and expel the hot air that was in the home previously out through the attic vents. This then completely cools the home by not only bringing in cool air to the living spaces but to the attic as well. Most cooling systems do not accomplish this and leave the attic to remain hot which, in turn, causes the home to reheat quite easily.

These fans also work by a process of Thermal Mass Cooling. When the cool air is swept through a home, it not only cools the surface area but the mass of the home as well. This means that it takes the heat out of nearly everything in a home which, again, allows the home to stay cooler longer.

How these machines work is important to their ability to save money because the better they work, the less a homeowner has to use their air conditioner. This is key to the savings that are proudly claimed. QuietCool saves money by allowing a homeowner to run their A/C much less than normal as these traditional cooling systems use up a lot of energy. Lots of A/C usage can lead to a hefty energy bill while lots of whole house fan usage will not.

It is less expensive to run a whole house fan than an A/C because of the amount of energy each use. A whole house fan uses much fewer watts than the normal air conditioner.

The normal air conditioner, on average, uses an estimated 3,500 watts. Meanwhile, QuietCool’s most powerful and least efficient whole house fan on high uses just 1,147 watts. For comparison, a microwave oven uses about 1,500 watts which is still much more than the whole house fan!

Because these fans use much fewer watts than an A/C running the same amount of time or even more than an A/C would still show up as a lower dollar amount on someone’s energy bill. This also means that a whole house fan will not save a homeowner money if they do not have an A/C unit. And this is exactly how QuietCool whole house fans can save a homeowner money and why they are such a fantastic investment.


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