September 4, 2018

Why Do I Need an Attic Fan with my Whole House Fan

A QuietCool whole house fan is a phenomenal product for nearly every home. They are efficient, intelligent, whisper-quiet, and cool every home rapidly. They do, however, have exactly one flaw; they can not be used at any hour of the day. Doing this would lead to hot air being rushed into the home instead of the strictly cool air that should be utilized.

Luckily, their one flaw is covered up by their biggest strength; their ability to enact thermal mass cooling. This process allows a home to stay cool longer than an air conditioning can. It is also lucky that attic fans can be seamlessly used in combination with a whole house. These two systems are the perfect combination for efficient home cooling because an attic fan is used during the day while the whole house fan is ideally used at night.

So, after cooling a home all night, a home still has the potential to reheat during the following day. It takes a significant amount of heat and time with a whole house fan but it can still happen largely because of the attic. The attic reheats the fastest and can reach the highest temperatures climbing all the way up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

The system cools down those scorching temperatures by having an adjustable thermostat built-in. This allows the homeowner to have their unit kick on when the attic temperature is between 60 and 120 degrees.  Per QuietCool, “For example, if a homeowner would like to keep their attic below 100 degrees, they can set their thermostat to kick on at 95 degrees and help prevent their attic from ever reaching 100 degrees!”

This helps the home stay vastly cooler because the heat from the attic would no longer be able to seep into the home because there would be minimal to no heat in the attic. The house reheats because of the outside air slowly making its way into the house. Each home only contains five sides, completely shutting off one of those sides from heat while the other four should be expertly insulated means the home should very rarely get hot during the day.

A whole house fan works great on its own. In fact, it is far more efficient and energy conscious than any air conditioner on the market. Pairing it with an attic fan could completely cover your cooling needs and give a homeowner many more comfortable days than other.


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