November 10, 2017

Why Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are not a new technology. They have actually been around since the early 1900’s. Most people are familiar with the traditional style of whole house fans; large square cut-outs in the ceiling that make for tough installation, a visible louver system (that allows air to travel up through the attic) that is not very aesthetically pleasing, and sounds as if a helicopter is whirring up in the attic.

These aspects of the traditional style are not appealing to any homeowner so this sparks the question, why would anyone want to install a whole house fan in their home? The reason why whole house fans are so appealing to homeowners is how much they can help people save on their A/C related costs. Any time the air outside is cooler than inside, homeowners can open a few select windows in the home, turn on their whole house fan, and bring the cool outside air throughout the home. This helps keep the home cool and is much more price effective than running an air conditioning unit.

Why QuietCool is the Best Whole House Fan

While traditional style whole house fans have pros and cons to installing/utilizing them, QuietCool whole house fans build upon the pros and eliminate many cons! First is the easy installation that QuietCool offers. All of our units fit 16” on center so there is no joist cutting involved. If a home’s joists are exactly 16” on center, the phalanges on our damper box will actually pop off (simply wedge a screwdriver between the damper box and the phalange to gently pop it off) to ensure a smooth installation.

The next benefit is our removable grille that is installed in your ceiling. Instead of looking through a louvered system that allows homeowners to see right into their attic, our egg-white grille is much more pleasing to the eye and it pops out in a flash, making cleaning a breeze (we recommend cleaning your QuietCool grille twice a year to ensure maximum airflow). The most significant improvement, however, is the noise level.

Instead of listening to a helicopter take off in your attic, our whole house fans are designed for minimal noise levels. Our loudest units only reach 51 dB’s, which is comparable to a standard A/C unit. This astonishing low noise level allows homeowners to not only run their whole house fans for a few minutes, but homeowners can now run their fan for hours at a time, helping them save up to 50-90% on their A/C related costs!